The Elevator Problem!!

An average human being wastes about 10 minutes everyday waiting for elevators at his workplace or residence. That is roughly 50 hours or more than 2 days in an year.

The major reasons could be,

  • Human error while pressing the up/down button.

    Both the up and down buttons are pressed due to confusion!

    Both the up and down buttons are pressed due to confusion!

  • Peak hours – Too many people waiting for the elevators(The elevator system usually services once for a request and a request has to be made again from the particular floor if the number of people waiting for the elevator is more than the capacity of the elevator).
  • Lack of proper maintenance effecting the speed and function of elevators.

Can’t we fix this? Well we can’t completely solve the problem but we can reduce the time wasted.


The Solution

The Choice Pad

The human error of pressing the up and down button can be avoided by placing theChoice Pad outside the elevator in the lobby.  This Choice Pad is usually kept inside the elevator and is used to choose the floor where you want to go. The Choice Pad being outside the elevator, people can directly select the floor they wish to go instead of up or down buttons. The Elevator system would automatically analyze the direction and schedule the elevators.

It should be made mandatory for everyone to choose the floor they wish to go to so that the system will have a count of the number of people willing to go to each floor. This count would help the scheduling of elevators.

Smart Elevator systems!!The Choice Pad

Access cards/Smart cards/Fingerprint readers can be programmed to convey the information regarding the floor to the elevator system. This would control access, enhance security and speed up the elevator scheduling also. A few facilities are already using these.

Going one more step further, we can bring mobile apps to the picture. Everyone has a smartphone these days. Be it your driver or the kid next door, they all have a smartphone. A mobile app can be designed to request the elevator.  The app can connect to the wireless/bluetooth network at the elevator lobby and send the information to the elevator system which would process the same and schedule the elevator. The app would automatically connect to the elevator network as soon as the user enters the lobby(or the network area) and prompt the user to select a floor. The users can be tracked in the building and even the access rights for each floor/users can be protected, thus making the elevators a secure access also.


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