Firstlook on 24 India – A Power packed package.

Anil Kapoor is a great actor. He has maintained the same looks, reputation and talent for the past 3 decades. He is a star. He is also good at business. He bought rights for 24 and is now producing the same in India. the show premiered on ColorsTV last Friday. The show seems more exciting in the Indian context. It was described by the media as “one of India’s most ambitious TV shows”. It is one of the most expensive TV shows ever produced in India and the first to have a Bollywood star in the lead. Only the first two episodes are out currently and the plot is also promising.

Anil Kapoor and Keifer Sutherland in 24 Hindi and English.

Anil Kapoor and Keifer Sutherland in 24 Hindi and English.

The plot, though not very different from the original TV series, is a lot unique in its own ways. The agency, the protocols, the laws, the politics, social and economic aspects are framed as per the Indian scenario. The roles of ‘Trisha'(Terry Bauer), played by Tisca Chopra and ‘Kiran'(Kim) and ‘Jai Singh Rathore'(Jack Bauer played Originally by Keifer Sutherland) the hero played by Anil Kapoor, are set wisely considering the Indian plot. Mandira Bedi’s character ‘Nikita Rai’ seems to be a substitute for the hottest villain ‘Nina Mayers'(Played originally by Sarah Clarke) from the original TV series. Also Adhir Bhatt playing ‘Tejpal Singh'(Tony Almeida). Then the character ‘David Palmer'(Presidential Candidate) is adopted as ‘Aditya Singhania'(Prime Ministerial candidate) played by Neil Bhoopalam.  ‘Aditya Singhania’ has a cousin who is one of his most trusted advisers to substitute the role of ‘Wayne Palmer’. The CTU becomes ATU and the plot is set in Mumbai.

A lot of changes are also seen compared to the original show. Anupam Kher’s cameo as a RAW agent has seriously helped in adding some star value to the show. Jai Singh Rathore has a son, Jack Bauer never had. This character might add up to a major character in the forthcoming seasons. Considering the fact that he is studying in a boarding school, he might join the forces someday and come to his father’s help. But the most interesting thing is the character ‘Aditya Singhania’ written very much similar to the life of Indian Political Leader and a possible Prime Ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi. Aditya Singhania’s mother is also involved in his political life. He has a sister and her husband being a bad remark for the family. Also according to the plot, his father was also assassinated by the terrorists. All these characters seem very much similar to Rajeev, Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi and her husband Robert Vadra. May be 24’s popularity can help Rahul Gandhi a little in the next elections also.

The show has a lot of flaws.For Example the government doesn’t run from Mumbai, News channels in India can’t report an air crash within minutes in the midnight, and many more. It is a TV show, there are always flaws. But a lot of things have been adopted very wisely for example the party Kiran goes to and the movie hall Wasim(Anumpam Kher) goes to meet his informer, have a pure Indian setting.

Then there are sponsors and branding on the show. Currently only Tata is seen as a key sposor trying to publicize its new ‘Safari Storme’. But soon, we can expect anything from technology companies to mobile networks and toothpastes to clothing brands partnering with 24 for their brand promotions.

24 India, altogether is a power packed package. If delivered right, it can set a trend in the Indian television industry and take the industry to a whole new level. It also has a great potential, amazing plot and one of the best cast and crew to make it one of the greatest Indian TV shows ever made.

We all can just sit back and watch 24 and see how it goes while Anil Kapoor has an amazing opportunity to make lots of money, fame with the responsibility of producing a great political-action TV show.

Currently I would rate the show 8/10 and equivalent to the original.


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