The floating corpses of Ganga.

The floating corpses of Ganga.

I recently came across this photo story published by the Chinese blog, ‘chinaSMACK’. It documents images and notes on dead body dumping in the river, pollution and its effect. As an Indian, I felt ashamed.

A corpse floats on the river at Varanasi

May be it is culture, may be it is religion or may be just a ritual but dumping bodies and ashes in a river like this is not good. With the population of India and most people wanting the river Ganga as their ‘final destination’ serious damages can be caused to River ecosystem. A lot of people depend on this river for drinking water and agriculture. People eat fish from this river. The fish that would have fed on dead human flesh. Isn’t this Pseudo cannibalism? Dogs tearing away flesh from rotten corpses, makes you feel sick. The dogs that eat dead human flesh can someday attack humans for food. Crows and dogs fighting for rotting corpses, broken skulls drifting towards the banks of the river where another corpse is being half burnt and people consider this to be holy water.

In Hinduism, The Ganges is considered to be one of the holiest rivers and Varanasi is considered as one of the most sacred places. If this is how we maintain our sacred places, holy waters and rivers – the lifeline, we wont last longer.

Is this holy? Is this religion? Can’t we stop polluting our sacred places and sacred rivers? If you worship a river and throw corpses into it at the same time, in what way is the sacred feeling left? Is this what your god wants you to do?

Can’t we end this superstition?


3 thoughts on “The floating corpses of Ganga.

  1. LOL simple answer, its mostly the uneducated UP bhaiyas who’re responsible for this. The number of bodies being brought over to the crematorium at Hanuman Ghat is too high to ensure theyre all properly cremated. The bhaiyas set their dead bodies afloat in Varanasi and thats that.

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