Social Networks Simplified

Facebook is for the people you knew. LinkedIn is for the people you know. Twitter is for the people you want to know.

Social Networks : Getting them right.

These days we have so many social networks to choose from. But Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter have remained the leaders. Almost everyone who uses internet has an account in any of these. How to get the maximum of of these networks? How do we choose the best and the most powerful of the three? Here we go!

Facebook is for the people you knew. It’s to keep track of those people and their activities in life. It is to share, like and comment on their stuff. It is where you post only nice and good looking pictures of yours. Everyone tries to show off and waste time on spending a lot of time thinking others have a better life than theirs when it might not be true. Facebook, basically is a waste of time.

LinkedIn on the other hand is another essential social network or a professional network. It helps you keep track of important people and organizations in your profession. You also can network with the people you know in your profession. You can keep track of their jobs, roles and connections and may be someday make some use of it. You can also explore new jobs and opportunities in the line of your profession. With a good network and a few recommendations, LinkedIn can act as an enhanced resume/cv too.

But Twitter has a great potential over other social networks. It lets you see who is doing what in the world. It lets you read what people feel. It can connect you to the people of similar interests. With so many links and images being tweeted, twitter is like one of the greatest sources of knowledge. Anything from business, news, politics, sports or movies is on twitter. Just search for a hashtag and there you go. The key people and the key information is right there. On twitter, you can connect with anyone on this planet. You can find a lot of interesting people and a lot of interesting people can find you. Twitter is a great source of knowledge and a great place for connecting with great people.



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