The Day at Jaaga

Jaaga is a creative community space in Bangalore. ‘Jaaga’ in Kannada means space. And the people at Jaaga are creating spaces for, connecting and supporting Entrepreneurs, Artists and Students. I had heard a lot about them from a lot of friends but never been to the place or met anyone. I was following them on the Social Media and someday I saw their post on ‘Jaaga Study’. Jaaga study is supposed to be a one year, open source learning project which focuses on web and mobile technologies and emphasizes on using the internet to learn and earn. Here, students learn various technologies and execute a projects and are guided by mentors. It is an Open source learning project and a residential program where the students stay on a farm and work from there. This is the best possible explanation I have based on my understanding of the study program. I’d heard of something like this for the first time. I applied and was selected for the program. I haven’t decided firmly if I should join or not, but I have a good feeling about this. I was invited for a picnic to the Jaaga farm today and it went great.

The location on the farm where the Jaaga living building will be reconstructed.

The location on the farm where the Jaaga living building will be reconstructed.

Jaaga, originally worked out of the little space at Courtyard cafe on K H road or most popularly known as the Double Road. But now, due to some issues, they’re moving out to the farm. They’ll also have a penthouse co working space in the city on Residency road. The current Jaaga Living building made of a palette rack structure will be reconstructed at the farm. May be I’m too late to say but the present living building is beautiful. And the location on the farm, where it’ll be reconstructed is great. It has a view of the valley behind it. It’d be great to work there. There’s also a small hill next to it. It’s a fun short trek up the hill and there’s a pool with a view. From up here, One can see the Savanduga hill during the day, beautiful sunset in the evening and the lights on Wonder La’s Giant Wheel and Nice road at the night. It is peaceful up there. The farm has been beautifully landscaped and has a green cover. There are just a few buildings, which also will be used for the Jaaga study program. There is a lake just 10 minutes walk away. They also have a friendly dog at the farm.



The Lake

The Lake

It’s perfect. It’s the kind of place anyone would want to be. It’d be great to study/work from there. There’s everything. They have internet, a nice team, farm, a dog and nice sunset. It is the most suited environment for a study program like this one.

Then there is the confusion in life. I know I’ll make the right decision. I like to stay clueless about what I’m doing in my life. It helps me concentrate on everything I do.

I also met a lot of great people today. New people, new ideas and a lot of new things to learn. The Day at Jaaga was a memorable one. And thank you Jaaga for the picnic, for the great food and for everything.

#jaaga is #awesome. 😊 I'm excited that someday I might live here 😊

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4 thoughts on “The Day at Jaaga

  1. Thanks Rajath for Pics and your thoughts on Jaaga. I had also applied for Jaaga Study program and got selected. Like you did, I was following updates on social media and thats how ended up in this post. 🙂

    My excitement has doubled after reading through here – – the sunset, the valley and the farm. though one thing am concerned is about the farm dog, for I don’t get along with them well ;).

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