Bangalore on Politics – Are we really this dumb?

I was with a few friends at a cafe, hanging out with friends, having a political debate with my ‘Modi supporting’ friend. Then a friend of mine, who was bored of seeing each of us having this debate sent me a video link on whatsapp. She told us its about politics. I watched it a while later when my 3g was back up again and I felt it was total crap. Then I got home, partied a little more, watched a movie and logged on to facebook at 4 AM and found that the video was getting viral. I’m sure by the weekend every Bangalorean will be talking about this.

Are we really this dumb?

No. We’re Bangaloreans. We care. This guy, who has made the video might be a little dumb. He didn’t go out of the Brigade road area. He either found only extremely dumb people or he wanted all of us to look dumb. A few guys on the video seemed like they were stoned. There was an attention seeking girl. Irrelevant things were asked to irrelevant people. Lot of extra ‘masala’ jokes with ‘maal’ and a lot of wrong information used for entertainment. This guy made us look totally dumb.

Seriously, Bangalore is more politically aware than this. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about stuff in bars, roads, parking lots, offices, smoking areas, public transport etc. After Anna Hazaare and the Anti Corruption movement, even youth seem to know what’s happening. Now with the whole scene getting bigger and Modi(This video doesn’t even talk of him. He is famous.) doing such great campaign on social media, a lot of people re interested. I see a lot of youngsters getting active and sharing political stuff on social media. At least, most of us have a clue what’s happening. Most of us read newspapers everyday. It is impossible for someone to completely avoid the news. Even the dumbest chick I know knows who Arvind Kejriwal is or was even before the Delhi elections. The number of people who say ‘I don’t follow politics’ has reduced a lot in the past two years. I have asked a lot of people and I haven’t got so many dumb responses. Of course there are people, but not this many. The city is not filled with them, like shown in the video.

After voting for the past Karnataka elections, a friend of mine asked me whom I voted for. She almost knew it and she blamed me for not voting for a BJP candidate. She thought if you elect a BJP MLA, his vote in the parliament will help Modi become PM. There are a lot many people who want to vote, have an impression of something for the well being of the country no matter it is right or wrong. Then there are a few people like our friends in the video who have no clue what’s happening. Well there is nothing much we can do for our clueless friends. But people who want to and have very little idea of it, must be helped. They will read, follow the news and get it somehow. Even the news these days doesn’t feel legitimate most of the time. I always feel they try to highlight something or are biased towards one particular party. Only a few news agencies seem right. They don’t seem like they’re biased, they don’t look for ‘masala’ headlines or they don’t highlight one particular news. But news media is also responsible for spreading awareness among the people and educating them. It would be a lot better if some news media agency takes up an initiative to educate the public on politics. Just small things to help my friend understand how the Prime Minister is chosen. This is the government’s responsibility too. They should already be doing it but it needs to be more effective. There is no point in ruling a country when the people don’t know who is ruling them or how these people are ruling them.


3 thoughts on “Bangalore on Politics – Are we really this dumb?

  1. Great article once again!! But I do believe that most of the cities in India do not care about politics. A simple argument with respect this would be the fact that most of the cities in india have lower voter turnouts. In the recently conducted assembly elems Delhi did see a record turnout but least comparable to the other bigger states. Even tribal belt of chattisgarh voted ecstatically. In the May 7 assembly election Bangalore saw only about 50 percent voter turnout. I believe that voting reflects interest of a person. It is a crime to say you dont care about politics and policies. I have noticed that most of the urban youths are less bothered about politics than our rural youth. In politics Bharath is ahead of India in everyway. And I believe that this social media and urban phenomena bubble in India politics would not last long. Yes we are not dumb as what the video shows. But there is a larger number of rural youths who are very well read than we urban youths. The difference is they read in local languages and express in their mother tongue and since our internet is broadly English we dont see this. Nehru once said “India lies in its villages” . Yes the future is Bharath and not India. It will the rural youth who will change India to Bharath.

    • I agree to your point that the involvement of youth is more in rural than in urban areas. I’ve done a close observation on this one and realized that the youth population is more in urban areas. Most rural youth migrate to cities(Just like me). Those who remain in the rural areas are more involved because it’s a need for them now. Where as people like me, who migrate don’t get the same importance in politics as we would have got in our native places and thus, lose interest. Even then people who try to understand, get involved have increased. I was shocked during the last elections to see the local candidates from my place organized parties for us, the migrated population who live in Bangalore and there was a huge turn out. That shows people are interested.

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