The Milaap Experience

Recently, while looking for various career options, I came across Milaap, A crowd-funding platform through which people around the world lend loans for communities and small enterprises in rural India and impact the way of life and basic facilities in rural India.

I was offered a voucher as part of the interview process to fund a project to basically understand how Milaap works. I logged in to the site and scrolled through the various campaigns for fundraising. It was a very diverse list of campaigns. There were people raising funds for cattle rearing business, to buy buffaloes, to go to school or college, to set up small shops, to set us solar lighting etc. I was looking for something that would have the greatest impact, something that would bring smiles on a lot of faces, something that would light up a few villages. Because, Electricity, especially Light energy is one of the most basic needs in the rural India.

I come from a village near Agumbe, Karnataka. This area gets the highest rainfall in southern India. Over here, during the heavy monsoon season from June to September, there’s hardly 2 hours of power per day. At times there would be no power for a week due to heavy rains. I was born and brought up here. I studied using small kerosene lamps until my family could afford to buy a generator or shift to the nearest town. I have experienced how hard it is to live or study with no Electricity.

I found this campaign on Milaap, to build a micro grid and light up villages at Barabanki, UP. This would help people earn extra income taking up side jobs, make the streets safer, help kids study and make lives better. The most interesting thing here is the partner organization Mera Gaon Power which builds and operates such micro grids for as low as a thousand dollars per hamlet. This is really interesting.


Anyone can lend some money for this project as a loan which will be paid back once the project is executed. The entire process is simple and easy and is online on Milaap’s website. The execution of all these projects with the partner organizations is closely monitored by Milaap. This can bring change, a new hope to a lot of communities in India. I’m sure that my contribution would bring light to a lot of homes and a smile on a lot of faces. I’m looking forward to make more contributions, use some of my savings on Milaap and do something good for someone.




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